Install a custom designed PGA TOUR Simulator in your home or business for an
exceptional golf experience. No matter how you use it, an aboutGolf Simulator
means year-round entertainment for the people of all ages.

Most accurate simulator available

Flexible design to fit any space

Over 70 courses and 18 practice options

Multiple scoring formats

New content every 6 months

Over 1,000 challenge game variations

Integration with music, gaming, and cinema


Proprietary 3Trak Ball Tracking Technology

Scientific Golf Club Data

PGA TOUR Software with Range & Course Play

Complete Library of 29 Standard Courses

High Quality Turf

Center-strike stance mat

Full single-screen system designed for durability and image quality

High Performance Computer & Touchscreen

Complete Screen System with Protective Padding

Aluminum Structure and Fabric Enclosure


Custom Design for Irregular Spaces

Integrated Hardwall Design & Installation

3Trak Club Data

Premium Courses

aG Flix Video Analysis System

aG Balance Pro

aG Control Multiple Simulator Management Software

Upgraded Projector

Modified Flooring/Turf Options

Customized Awning and/or Turf Logo

Our Design Process

Fully Customized

Extremely Versatile

Wide Range of Options

We Build, You Play.

aboutGolf provides the most flexible simulators available. Many clients, such as the Golf Channel, require this type of versatility. Our simulators are available in a variety of sizes and configurations, with both standard and custom designs. The aboutGolf experienced team specializes in creating a design that fits your unique
needs. Whether it’s challenging space restrictions or specific cosmetic requests, we will work with you to create a personalized simulator layout.

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