PGA TOUR aG Curve 180°

As seen on the Golf Channel

PGA TOUR aG Curve 180°

The most popular and versatile simulator in the aboutGolf product line. PGA TOUR aG Curve is aboutGolf’s most versatile and dynamic simulator option, defining the far-reaches of immersive technology. This system’s infinite possibilities in simulator width, arc length, curve depth, and peripheral view make this technology flexible enough to fit most simulator room spaces, as well as previously installed systems.

The aG Curve has the ultimate image size for playing golf and having our multimedia Picture-In-Picture at a decent size for everyone to enjoy. 180 degrees of arch can be created in some rooms providing the industry’s most immersive simulator environment.

Available in a variety of customized options from our complete enclosure to a hardwall simulator built into your home or business.   



  • Custom Design Options
  • Upgraded Projectors
  • Fli – integrated multimedia smart simulator environment
  • Premium audio packages
  • Premium Course Library
  • aG Flix – Video Analysis System
  • aG Balance - Weight Transfer Analysis
  • aG Data – online profiles
  • Games, Contests and Challenge Packages.
  • aG Tour Card – member swipe card technology
  • aG Control – Simulator Management Software
  • Integrated Advertising Software – Commercial locations
  • Fundraising Software.


Size range

18' To
18' to
9ft To