Yes, it's here - personal golf technology.

The exact same golf technology used by leading sports retail outlets, elite teaching academies and top ranked universities all over the world; endorsed by the PGA TOUR and The Golf Channel; can also be found where you want it most ... in your home.


Your favorite courses in your own home

With over 70 courses available, aboutGolf Simulators provide a wide variety of location and scenery. You can practice in the mountains, the tropics, a canyon or surrounded by waterfalls. Work on your approach shots from sand or rough. Or putt from a range of distances which include uphill, downhill, left and right breaks.

Discover Worlds of Entertainment

Let your simulator be your gathering place, your clubhouse, your family time. Stay in for an HDTV surround sound environment that's perfect for watching movies, play games, and stay-to- date with friends and family alike.

aboutGolf® simulators are custom designed to provide a high-end theater-quality experience for the entire family. Each simulator is designed to meet the demands of each individual client and provide a jaw-dropping experience. How do we do it? The answer is Fli. Fli transforms your simulator into the ultimate, high performance entertainment center. In addition to providing a seamless entrance into the aboutGolf Simulator and aG Games, you can now expand your experience by connecting all of your favorite high definition devices including: cable or satellite TV, Xbox, PlayStation®, Blu-ray player, Google, Amazon® and Apple Smart devices.

aG Games for all ages

Replace that closet full of board games for aboutGolfs Challenge Games, Event Games, Short Course Masters, Ranges, MiniGolf, Skeeball and so much more!

The aG Games platform features the classic point-based contests closest-to- the- pin and longest drive. Also included are mini golf, golf arcade games and 1000+ challenge events (sand, water & obstacles) with more content under development. aboutGolf’s “Short Course Masters” Par 2 competition mode allows any hole on select courses to be played from 20 up to 100 yards. Use aG Games for family entertainment, introducing young golfers to the game and for new and exciting ways to approach game improvement.