Unmatched Technology

aboutGolf Simulators are used by leading instructors to help golfers improve and understand their game. Our technology provides almost every piece of data and information a person could ask for, for each and every shot. We continually invest in that experience with a strong commitment to research and development, making it rival the outdoor game in every way possible.

Fully Intergrated

1.  Elegant & unobtrusive 3Trak® launch monitor accurately measures ball AND club data.
2.  Advanced physics engine, simulates EVERY type of shot.
3.  aG Flix swing video analysis, complemented by patent pending automatic video lighting solution.

4.  aG Balance Pro weight AND balance analysis.
5.  High definition projected image, up to 4K resolution.

 Performance and Accuracy you can Trust

Refine your swing on 18 practice options integrated with the world-class aG Flix® video analysis and aG Balance Pro® weight analysis systems. But how do we do it? The answer is in 3Trak® aboutGolf’s patented, three-dimensional, high-speed camera and tracking system.

3Trak: Extract

aboutGolf Simulators are powered by 3Trak®; aboutGolf’s patented, three-dimensional, high-speed camera and tracking system.  3Trak® machine vision technology extracts every bit of usable data from dozens of images per shot. It provides accurate ball and club data on any type of shot regardless of speed, spin or launch angle.  The shot is then replicated in the simulator using advanced flight and terrain physics allowing you to see and play the shot as if you were outdoors. The result is the most realistic indoor golf experience possible.

aG FLIX: Analyze

aG Flix is a world-class video recording system that incorporates up to five color or monochrome cameras that simultaneously record your swing.  With speeds up to 120 frames per second and a patent pending lighting solution, aG Flix creates an unparalleled indoor instruction and video environment that does not wash out the simulator’s projected image. Now it is possible to see your shot shape and performance indoors while also reviewing high speed quality color images of your actual swing.

aG Balance Pro: Measure

aG Balance Pro is the world’s leading golf balance and weight measurement system. Using a patented platform that is hidden under the playing surface, the technology independently measures the weight of each foot in real time as it shifts during the swing without influencing the golfer’s environment. This technology is used by leading instructors around the world to help the very best golfers improve and understand their game.

aG Data: Track

Players create a profile and password for secure log in on any simulator as well as the aboutGolf website (agdata.aboutgolf.com) to access their profile data. Shots at the practice range are saved under the players profile allowing them to compare each shot in a number of different formats. Instructors can also create an online profile where customers shots, scorecards, videos, and balance data are automatically uploaded to their private locker in the cloud. Online lockers can be used to remotely review progress and provide guidance. Remote lessons are possible with commercially available tools where an instructor can remotely control the simulator. aG Data allows golfers to review their data from the convenience of their home or office.